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Judge Gravell on Keye News

Oct 25, 2014

Judge Bill Gravell sees hundreds of defendants each week in Williamson County, among them, truancy cases. “The role of the court is to help folks be compliant with the law and to get on the right track,” says Judge Gravell. While he works to get people on the right track, miles down the road in Austin, a hearing took place Thursday that could change the … read more

The Wright Stuff at JP3

Oct 24, 2014

Justice of the Peace Bill Gravell (seated with therapy dog “Lady”) and his staff at JP3 took part in a leadership retreat October 13 at the Schwertner Ranch. Jim Schwertner himself led a discussion on applying the Code of the West in business…e.g., live each day with courage, take pride in your work, do what has to be done, when you make a promise you … read more

Judge Gravell on KEYE News

Sep 24, 2014

“On a weekly basis we have young people in this court admit that they have substance abuse problem and we want to help them move forward in the right direction,” says Judge Bill Gravell. Which is why he is starting a teen drug court called “the wright direction” in his courtroom. Named after Williamson County Judge Tim Wright — the six-month program requires teens to … read more

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