Precinct 3

Our first six months in office: Open Letter to the Williamson County Commissioners Court

Dear Williamson County Commissioners Court,

We wanted to update the Commissioners Court on the accomplishments and progress of the Justice of the Peace Office, Precinct 3.  The first 180 days in office have been amazing. It’s been a pure joy to work with our Constable and County Attorney to discover solutions that help us process the mass of cases that face our court each day. In May we set a record with 255 cases in one day. This past week we completed 18 jury trials over a three day peorid. This was the combined effort of 15 JP3 staff members, 4 Constable deputy’s, 6 prosecutors from the County Attorney’s office and a lot of organization. During this time Constable Stofle coined the phrase, “Justice, with Customer Service”. This has become our mission statement for JP3.  Based on 2011 Office of Court Administration records, JP3 is the 17th busiest court in the State of Texas. Our staff works hard each and every day to serve the public.

In the past six months, the JP3 staff has accomplished many goals.  This began with a minor reorganization of staff.  Melissa Goins was promoted to Chief of Staff, along with other changes to reflect the work being accomplished.  The court has added 2 full staff members to fill the vacant positions as well as two part time newly created positions.  The front window hours have been expanded to 7:30am till 5:00pm, and remain open during the lunch hour in order to better serve our customers.  With assistance from the IT department our website has been revamped to better serve the public.  A computer station has been made available in our lobby for the customers, not requiring assistance to expedite the process of their electronic payments.  The court has turned over 16,095 delinquent accounts to our collections department, exceeding more than 5.55 million dollars in collections.  Our court has processed 4,077 cases in court since March 1st.  JP3 has collected 1.431 million dollars in the last 180 days.  The court has exceeded the projected income during the last 180 days by 250% or $862,688.  And last, but surely not least the court has issued 2,609 arrest warrants in the last six months.

The most exciting step for us this fall is the expansion of our truancy diversion program. Judge Benton began a partnership with Juvenile services to fund a staff member for the NCC program in Georgetown. This last school year the program had a 90% success rate. We have expanded the program this fall with two new part-time staff members to focus on Florence and Jarrell.

Thank you, for your confidence in appointing me to this position. I pray each day that I serve our God and our Williamson County with Honor and Pride. If we can be of service please let us know.


Judge Bill Gravell Jr.

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